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When to Hire, Post COVID-19

As most Practices are back to seeing patients, even on a limited basis, some people are asking if it is a good time to hire employees.

We don’t know if there will be another “wave” of Covid-19; if we will have to lay people off or be shut down for a period of time again. However, you can’t run on a short staff and not take care of your patients out of fear. If you received the PPP Forgiveness Loan, the time you have to spend it may be changing from eight weeks to 24-weeks, which will provide most practices adequate time to use it to its fullest benefit.

Unfortunately, there will be some small businesses (with some large businesses) not able to open back up due to the pandemic, and now the protesting. Due to many businesses having to close their doors, quality people will be looking for work. If you are in need of a staff member, or two, or even looking to upgrade your staff, now is a time to be recruiting.

I would recommend placing ads on, Zip Recruiter, Linkedin, your Facebook page and website. Let people know you are looking for quality individuals to help provide great patient care. You will want to look for someone that has a great personality because that is something you can’t teach. It is possible to teach someone lensometer, scheduling on the EHR, how to do pre-testing but you can not teach PERSONALITY!!!

So, is now the time to hire? YES!!!

Do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Acquios Advisors if you are needing help. We are here for you!!

Stay Safe