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  1. Delivering a Proper Performance Evaluation – (REVAMPED) You will learn the importance of delivering regular Performance Evaluations, when to deliver these Evaluations, and how to deliver Performance Evaluations to your team.
  2. Employee Benefits – You will learn about the various options for Employee Benefits and what to consider before implementing them in your office.
  3. Enhancing Your Investment – (REVAMPED) You will learn how to Invest in your greatest Asset: Your Team.
  4. Hiring Quality Team Members – You will learn how to find Quality Employees; beginning at where to find candidates, what to watch for during the selection process, interviewing, and more!
  5. Importance of Staff Training – You will learn how vital proper staff training is, what it impacts, and how you can utilize Acquios Advisors Tools to be successful.
  6. Preparing for 2022 – You will learn how to use the past to prepare for the coming year.
  7. QuickBooks Online: Don’t Be Afraid – You will learn about various plans available on QuickBooks Online and explore functionality of the online based service.
  8. Staff Appreciation – You will learn the best ways to show your team that you appreciate the work they do.
  9. Team Recruiting – You will learn how to adjust recruiting processes to find quality team members in today’s market.
  10. Time Management – (REVAMPED) You will learn the secret to finding time for admin and project work.
  1. Adding a Call Center to Your Office – You will learn why, when, how and who to consider when adding a Call Center to your office.
  2. Building Bridges – You will learn how to network, both yourself and your office, in the community.
  3. Buy More, Save More – You will hear about a new Optical savings option for patients, that can improve their quality of life while also increasing the office’s bottom line.
  4. Confirmation of Appointments – (REVAMPED) You will learn the value of each appointment slot, as well as about confirming appointments, and reducing no shows.
  5. Cost Control – You will learn ways to control costs in your office and about the tools Acquios Advisors has to help you with this process.
  6. Dry Eye Center of Excellence – Our guest presenter, Matthew Ward, OD, shares his expertise on dry eye treatments and creating a dry eye center of excellence in your office.
  7. Efficiency of the Appointment Book – You will learn how managing your schedule and patients will help make your appointment book and practice a success.
  8. Exit Strategy: Part One – Exploring an Exit Strategy – You will begin to learn about the various ways you need to prepare your office for your transition out of your practice.
  9. Exit Strategy: Part Two – Curb Side Appeal – You will learn about making your office more attractive to a potential Associate buy-in or other buyer.
  10. Exit Strategy: Part Three – Adding an Associate – You will learn why, how, and when to bring on an Associate as you prepare to transition out of your Practice.
  11. Evolution of Your Business – You will learn what we are suggesting, and what we are seeing, offices do to keep up with the times through the ever-evolving landscape of the Optometric Industry.
  12. Finding Freedom from Vision Plans (co-hosted by Anagram) – You will learn what offices across the country are experiencing when they find Freedom from Insurance.
  13. FSA/HSA Funds – You will learn how to promote spending FSA/HSA funds within your office.
  14. Gathering Patient Information – (REVAMPED) You will learn what information to gather from patients, how to ensure its correct, and how this ensures a wonderful patient experience.
  15. How to Inventory Your Office Assets – You will learn which instruments should be inventoried, what information you will need, and how to compile/record this vital data.
  16. In-House Vision Benefit Program – You will learn how to, and the advantages of, implementing an In-House Vision Benefit Program in your practice.
  17. Insurance Plans: Can We Afford to Drop Them? – As the title suggests, you will learn all about weighing the pros and cons of various Insurance Plans and whether we can afford to move on without them.
  18. iWellness Exams – You will learn about the amazing technology used for the iWellness Exam and the benefits it brings to practices and their patients.
  19. Know Your Inventory – You will learn the best ways to manage your inventory and reduce understock.
  20. Loss Prevention – You will learn about the different ways theft can occur in your office, and how you can prevent both external and internal theft from taking place.
  21. Loss Prevention, Part II: You will learn about the different ways theft can occur in your office, and how you can prevent both external and internal theft from taking place.
  22. Managing Accounts Receivable – You will learn how to avoid common difficulties offices face with Accounts Receivable balances, and be introduced to processes which, when implemented and executed consistently, will keep A/R balances in check.
  23. Marketing: Developing Your Plan – (REVAMPED) You will learn how to establish the Marketing Plan that is best for achieving your office’s goals.
  24. Merchandising the Optical – You will learn how the proper mix of frames in the Optical, plus the way you display them, make a big difference to your patients.
  25. Optical Lifestyle Consultation – You will learn the questions to ask and things to consider when making eyewear recommendations for your patients, in order to increase Rx kept percentage, multiple pairs, and more!
  26. Patient Expectations – (REVAMPED) You will learn the importance of setting appropriate expectations for your patients; as well as how to set and how to fulfill these expectations.
  27. Phone Etiquette – (REVAMPED) You will learn how implementing, and consistently using, a few simple techniques on the phone can make the BEST first impression on callers.
  28. Reducing Remakes – You will learn the types of Remakes we’re faced with in our offices, and how we can avoid them.
  29. Rx Retention – You will learn how properly educating your patients will increase the rate at which Rxs are retained in your office.
  30. Staff Scheduling – You will learn what variables need to be considered when creating a schedule for YOUR office.
  31. Stats: What They Measure – You will learn the definition of each statistic on our Stat Sheet; as well as how the Stat Sheet will benefit your Practice and the decisions you make.
  32. Team Retreats – You will learn what a Team Retreat looks like, how it differs from a team meeting, and what you can do to make the most of the time together as a team.
  33. The Baton Pass – (REVAMPED) You will learn how a proper hand off from OD to the Optical can greatly increase the Receipts per Patient in your office.
  34. The Butterfly Effect – You will learn about the small changes we can make today to create large, lasting effects in the future
  35. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – You will learn how to differentiate between Good frame reps, Bad frame reps and ‘Ugly’ frame reps, and how to deal with each type.
  36. The Grass is NOT Always Greener – You will learn how the roles you play, and the balance you find, working at a Private Practice office combat the seemingly appealing offers you may receive from the Corporate World.
  37. Threat or Benefit – You will learn the various threats of Private Practice ownership, but also how these threats can be used as benefits.
  38. Tray Management – You will learn about a system of organizing patients’ lab orders, which will lead to increased patient satisfaction.
  39. Valuing a Practice – You will learn the importance of how to value a practice and what it is that is considered when doing a valuation of an office.
  40. What is your Back to School Plan? – You will learn how to prepare for Back to School Time and how to prepare a promotional event for your office.
  41. What Message are you Sending? – You will learn about types of messages we tend to send, while also learning about the message we want to send to our patients and community.

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