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Don’t Live on an Island

Don’t Live on an Island

The first quarter is already in the mirror but 75% of the year lies ahead. The first quarter was exciting and fast. You are going to see new vendors added to the Acquios Alliance and more coming down the road. I met with many business leaders of various vendors at Vision Expo East. They are ready, willing, and able to help us take Acquios Alliance to a new level. Keep an eye open for many exciting new events to make you and your team better.

Recently, I have seen many posts on social media sites asking others how to help with burnout and dissatisfaction. I responded a couple of times to some but not all. It made me scratch my head and ask a question. Why are people feeling this way? Yes, I think employees have become a key focus of every day. From speaking with various clients, it has been a challenge to get many to work their scheduled hours and more. Many basic  fundamental issues are causing many to be stressed. One simple but important rule of management is to always complain up. But what if you are the owner operator of a single doctor practice? This same rule applies to multi doctor practices as well. Each doctor must respect this rule and follow it to the letter. Failure to do so can cause significant drama and stress in the office should any OD in a single or multi doctor practice shares thoughts of any concern or negative thoughts to staff. Negativity causes doubt and concern within the office. This will force staff to talk and not in a good way. How to correct this?

Don’t live on an island. There are avenues for you to turn. First and foremost, lean on your advisor. Secondly, did you know Acquios Advisors is hosting ZOOM calls in the evening for doctors to participate? These calls are for you to share great times happening in your office as well as to look for support from your colleagues. This will help you to have a listening ear to share what is on your mind and learn from others who may have been in the same boat as you. Support is here and we are excited to offer this time to make your work life better. Watch for information about Cheers with Colleagues in our email announcements and more.

In addition to doctors’ meetings on ZOOM we are also going to begin to offer an open session to managers of active advising clients to join calls every six to eight weeks. Colleague to Colleague calls will be a great resource for managers seeking support and input from their equals in offices across the country. This too is going to help enhance your practice and your team.

There is no reason to go through your days, weeks, and months alone. Please know others have been where you are and worked through it. It is a great idea and plan to share with others what was exciting in your day and why you love what you do! You can make a difference in your colleagues’ day. At times you may need a “pick me up”, through communication and collaboration with us and your colleagues you will find a new avenue to make yourself happier and more successful.

Remind yourself why you became an optometrist. Share those great moments in your practice career where you made a significant difference in your patients’ lives. Tell the story about why you opened your new practice or purchased the location from another OD. Share your passion for why you became a practice owner with your team. They need to know; they will want to own. If you don’t share your vision, they will only think you do this for money. I have never heard a client say, “I want to open my own practice or buy this practice to make more money. It is typically about being in control of patient care, or being able to make the decisions for what is best for my patients and the team I will have. Tell them why you went into business for yourself. You will get their support by doing so.

If you have seen my YouTube video, then you know this. Review your CORE Values, your mission statement, with your team. Challenge your team, ask them, “are we living this mission?” If the answer is no or the staff is not engaged, it is time to say, okay team, let’s develop a new office mission, a new mission for ourselves. Develop a new mission the current staff has a voice in creating. Make certain they are part of the development and finalization of the statement. Why do you ask? If they create and finalize it with you, it is a team mission, one they created and own. When addressing team issues and challenges, the more you involve them when resolving the issue at hand, the more they play a role in the fix, the more they will own it and live it! Make this happen yesterday! It just might help your team to work better for one another, you, your practice, and of course your patients.

As you can see, we are always listening and looking to develop avenues to help each of you be the success you seek. Don’t let 2024 get away. Don’t live on an island. Join us for these sessions and make your days, weeks, and months better. The future is bright and there is no reason to go it alone. We are here and we welcome each of you to participate.



Rick Guinotte