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Living Our Mission

Our Mission Statement: We listen with Compassion and Collaboratively work to Develop and Implement a plan to help You and Your Team!

We are seeing and hearing great things from across the country. More of you are staffed to the levels you need, training is being worked on, and more people are sharing their resumes for work in offices. I have said it many times and will continue to repeat this; your staff is your most important asset. For this reason, over the past months Scott Cline along with others on our team collaborated to develop our new Executive Management Program. We are excited to share the first days of the event that took place on June 2nd and June 3rd. Thank you to those that attended and are currently working through this 6-month development program.

Yes, you read that correctly. This event started over two days and will have over a total time of 45 hours for the attendees. We are guiding the management/leadership of offices to become better leaders for the practice owners, the team, and of course themselves. Over my years of Advising, I have seen some very good managers. I have seen many that needed some mentoring as well. We now have the tool to help your office grow and help the manager to learn from us as well as the other 19 people in their class. We have limited the number of attendees per class to 20. Why limit attendees? We want to let voices be heard, questions to be asked, and experiences shared. The sessions are interactive and informative. The first month was about the attendees personal Mission statement, what they expect to deliver as the business leader, being in control of the day as opposed to the day controlling them, delegating, follow through, and how to navigate challenging times. This next month we will conduct a ZOOM meeting to discuss questions and implementation of the actions discussed in early June. We will be moving into HR management along with motivating staff, accountability, budgeting, managing the trends of the business, and more.

I am thrilled to share the next session is open for registration. It will begin on September 15th and 16th here in Omaha Nebraska for the next class to join and participate. Sign up fast as this truly is an amazing program!

We Deliver Insight that Inspires.



Rick Guinotte,

President Acquios Alliance and Advisors INC.