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Peace of mind starts with a customized plan.

Acquios Advisors® is made up of a team of industry veterans in the Optometry field known for their supportive approach and dedication to helping businesses like yours get started in the marketplace, grow, find new patients, manage staff and inventory, increase efficiencies and revenue, create a path to retirement, and more.

Our knowledge runs deep, amounting to more than nine decades of collective experience advising with eye care practices and working within the industries ourselves. We exist solely for the success of our clients, and we’re committed to embodying what our name represents: we help practices acquire more insight, more confidence, more growth, and more opportunity.

Our mission: We listen with compassion and collaboratively work to develop and implement a plan to help you and your team. We deliver Insight that Inspires.

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When you’re opening your practice.

Whether you’re opening a new office or buying an existing practice, we’ll help you evaluate the location, review your finances, set up an action plan and more.

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When expansion is your objective.

If you’re looking to develop more efficient processes, grow your team or relocate, we can provide guidance to ensure the steady growth of your practice.

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When you want to prepare for the future or sell your practice.

If you’re interested in prepping your practice for future sale, or you’re ready to sell, we can perform valuations, work with accountants and help you plan.

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Rick Guinotte

I do what I do because I love to see our clients succeed. As a married father of three, I’ve come to understand that success to one person may be financial growth, while to another, it’s more time with family. Whatever your goals may be, I’m confident Acquios Advisors will find a plan for you.


Kirk Kastens

Working in this industry, I’ve been able to help children and adults improve their quality of life with better vision – and now I have had the amazing opportunity to help doctors open new practices and guide them to make positive, lasting improvements to their existing practices. My passion for my work grows every day. I can proudly say I love what I do.

Kirk Kastens

Guidance and Support You Can Count On.

During our time together, throughout every stage of your career, we’ll be available any time you need us.

You’ll have access to our insight and guidance through:
  • Regular phone calls and emails to answer questions and discuss concerns
  • Periodic check-ins to discuss goals and monitor timelines
  • Workshops available to new and prospective clients, catered to each stage of practice development
  • Monthly webinars, which are accessible on our website 24/7 for no additional charge

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