Over the past year I have used Acquious Advisors to help me navigate a practice buyout. Everyone at Acquios was phenomenal. Rick was constantly there to offer me the guidance and support I needed during this time. I am a fairly recent graduate from optometry school, and taking the leap to practice owner was one that I really struggled with. Rick and the rest of the team ran detailed financials on the practice I was buying, and made me feel so much more comfortable moving ahead with the purchase. Not only did they help me complete the buyout, but they also helped with the transition. They walked me through everything from coming up with an employee handbook to having to fire an employee.  Rick got to know me and my practice. I look to him not only as a trusted advisor, but also a friend. I would highly recommend Acquios Advisors to anyone looking for assistance in purchasing a practice or needing guidance in running their practice.


Thank you SO much for your quick work [on an Office Valuation]! Definitely exceeded expectations on quality and promptness of your work.


We would like to thank Rick and the entire team at Acquios Advisors for all their help during our practice transition. Over a year ago, my wife and I purchased an optometry practice. Rick and his team did an excellent job guiding us through the acquisition, hiring staff, and putting systems in place. In addition, Rick was able to help us understand the financial side of the practice. They are consistent with their communication with us and are always available when needed. We highly recommend Acquios Advisors to anyone that is purchasing a practice or wants to take the steps to improve their existing practice!


Just wanted to tell you thank you. I would be way too nervous to make these big decisions and move forward without your business expertise. I can feel confident growing and moving forward because of you! Thank you. Have a great day!


As we know, most people are more inclined to post a bad review vs a good one. So I wanted to take this time to tell you both how much I appreciate your time and invaluable insights for my practice. Like good small businesses, you both provide personalized and customized care. I feel that on every phone call. I thank you for opening my eyes to opportunities. And I look forward to building a better business. Rick and Kirk don’t just provide you benchmarks but help you change the way you look at your practice​.


I am so thankful that I chose to work with Acquios. As an upcoming new business owner, there have been so many questions and areas of the business that I honestly have had no knowledge about. Kirk and Rick have been incredible. They respond so fast, had the best financial terms of any I had seen, and have already helped me save so much money in the negotiations. The biggest thing that sets them apart for me is how personable and kind they are. So many others I have talked with have been stuffy and intimidating and just made me feel inadequate. I have never felt anything but encouragement and support to my unending questions. It’s a small business that truly seems to care about ME and MY practice and not just a financial venture for them. I feel like they are both my advising team, colleagues and friends. It is by far the best business decision I have made as I know it will continue to positively impact every aspect of my business in the future. I can’t wait to see where this new venture leads!​


As an office manager, I often feel the pressure of managing chaos and struggling to keep things running smoothly for my doctors. Since beginning our relationship with Acquios Advisors, I no longer feel that stress. Rick is my secret weapon! Working with Rick for the past five years has been the best investment we have made in our practice. It has provided me with the opportunity to better manage my responsibilities and focus my energy on being the leader my team needs. We are now operating more smoothly; we have increased our productivity, production and profitability; and I have a better understanding of how my office is running. Rick has been such a huge contributor to not just my professional growth, but also my personal growth. I can truly say that I love my job, and love what I do, thanks to Acquios Advisors.​


I have worked with Kirk for more than 5 years. He has helped us place a real-time budget in place that has become the bible for any fiscal decisions we make for our practice. Kirk has made site visits to our office and has been helpful in organizing our staff to be more structured and productive. He has also been helpful in increasing staff morale. He’s quick to respond any time we have a question or concern and has been helpful in solving any problems that occur. He is very adept in all aspects of our optometric practice and has been very helpful in any management aspects. He has been a lifesaver.​


We had the great opportunity to work with Kirk Kastens on multiple levels as a cold start practice. He was phenomenal in strategizing our next step and developing a system to make us productive from the start. We received terrific help with budgeting, goal setting, hiring, and patient scheduling as we continued to grow. Kirk’s extensive experience in “real world” private practice was a tremendous asset to help us turn a dream and a vision into a reality. We found it easy to communicate and relate our needs, which enabled us to put a plan in motion. We would definitely recommend Acquios to help with your current needs and your future growth. Top notch!​


I’m tremendously grateful for all that you have assisted me through. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. You’ve always listened to my concerns, and you’ve made such a positive impact for my family and me. Leaving my previous career for a possibly better life with a new practice was a huge, frightening step forward, and I wanted to thank you for having been there every step of the way.​