Our Advisors and Team

We are a team of industry veterans, deeply knowledgeable about the Optometry and Dental fields and passionate about helping professionals within those fields succeed. Strengthened by a dedicated, capable support staff, our advisors are committed to working side by side with you to learn about your background, understand your goals and implement a customized plan for a secure, successful future.

Rick Guinotte
Founder and Advisor

Rick has worked in the optometric field since 1989 – as a technician, optician, receptionist, manager, and as the territory director for 18 practice locations, $13.5 million in revenue and 120 employees.

In 2009, Rick left his position with one of the world’s leading frame manufacturers to become an advisor. Since then, he has worked with offices seeking growth and improved efficiencies, and he has helped people improve their team atmosphere, put systems in place to increase cash flow, and set goals for their practice locations. He is focused on helping his clients understand how to achieve and exceed the goals they’ve set.

Rick has worked with doctors in all aspects of their professional career, from opening their first locations who have gone on to quickly exceed revenue expectations. He has helped clients relocate, add associates and develop exit strategies. He also gives presentations throughout the United States, Canada and beyond, sharing his insight and inspiring others.

Rick and his wife Debbie have three children. Their oldest is in Graduate school, their second oldest is studying Biology, and the youngest is in High School. He enjoys hiking with his family and running.

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Kirk Kastens
Founder and Advisor

Kirk has worked in the optical industry since 1998, holding positions in private care practice as an office coordinator, and then as an Advisor to private optometric practices.

Kirk has been advising offices since 2005, working with more than 500 practices in the United States and Canada. Kirk shares his expertise in Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Financial Management with private care practice owners and paraoptometrics, in multi-practice training sessions, and through phone consultations. Kirk also travels throughout the United States and Canada for various speaking engagements, where he is able to share his knowledge with Optometrists and their teams.

In his advising work, Kirk covers the broad spectrum of practice development, from putting together a business plan that fits a doctor’s goals to helping a staff member improve his or her ability to educate patients. His passion for the industry continues to grow as he works closely with practice owners and members of their team to establish key processes critical to long-term success.

Kirk and his wife Cindy have three children, Olivia 18, Katherine 15 and Jack 10. He loves watching their activities and family time. In his spare time he enjoys golfing. running and being outdoors.

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Tim Merrigan

Tim has worked in the optical industry since 1992. He has held various positions in both the corporate and private sectors of the optical industry. He has been responsible for managing as many as 29 offices, and he has overseen the development and implementation of a variety of operational processes and procedures.

In 2013, Tim left a private practice to become a consultant to help private practice optometrists. He has worked with more than 65 offices in the United States and Canada. Tim’s areas of expertise include human resource management, staff training and development, employee retention, accounting and budgeting, and adjusting cost of goods levels. Tim has had the chance to share his expertise through various speaking engagements within the United States and Canada. Tim is a COPE and ABO approved speaker.

Tim has helped practices achieve success through financial controls, setting goals along with expectations and working with doctors on how to train and develop their team to meet those goals. “Everyone wants to be successful, we just sometimes need direction on how to get there,” Tim explains.

Before getting into the Optical Industry, Tim spent three and a half years refereeing for the Harlem Globetrotters. He has called a basketball game in over 70 countries and all 50 states. He says the jump from officiating to optical was a no brainer because everyone knows that referees have great eye sight. “I have never missed a call, just ask me!” says the former referee.

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Sarah Lier
Project Coordinator

Sarah joined the Acquios Advisors team in January 2016. She has been in the industry since 2013, providing bookkeeping and payroll services to Optometrists throughout the United States. She has a thorough knowledge of an Optometry office’s financials, and thus a deep understanding of the services delivered at Acquios Advisors. Since joining Team Acquios, Sarah has had the chance to share her Accounting, Payroll and Human Resource expertise with Acquios clients.

Sarah is the “right hand” to our Advisors and can be found maintaining the company’s Social Media presence via the Website and Facebook, putting together presentations for webinars or Workshops, creating new tools for our clients, making sure each client is scheduled for a call, among many other tasks.

Sarah shares a passion with the Acquios Team for client success. Whether it be financial growth or personal growth, Sarah enjoys walking with doctors and their teams as they find their definition of what success means to them.

Sarah and her husband, Drew, have two young daughters and a baby boy. Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, staying active with various types of exercise, coming up with healthy recipes for her family, and get togethers with friends.

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Kendall Ellis
Client Coordinator

Kendall joined Acquios Advisors in August 2018. She is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and will graduate in May 2019. Her focus is in financial accounting and she is preparing to become a CPA. She enjoys applying her knowledge to helping our clients achieve success!

Kendall works closely with clients, assisting with their needs, creating tools that can be utilized by our Advisors, and maintaining Social Media presence.

Kendall has a fiancé, Patrick, and they spend their time studying for their respective degrees and wedding planning. When they have free time, they enjoy watching movies and spending time with family.

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